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Silic Off

Silicone remover

An innovative solvent-based detergent that quickly and efficiently removes all traces of soft or hardened silicone from any support. It’s versatile and easy to use even on the vertical surfaces. It doesn’t scratch hard surfaces. Once applied, Silic Off softens hardened silicone allowing easy removal through a mechanical action.

Ideal for the removal of misapplied fresh sealant, replacement of old sealant or the substitution of old joints. It can be applied to all types of silicone on glass, ceramic, steel, aluminium and methacrylate surfaces. It can be used to remove resaidues of glue and adhesives.


  • Helps a clean and rapid removal of silicone
  • Non aggressive on surfaces
  • Does not leave residues
Code Packaging EAN
1026 200 Aerosol 200 ml 8056736860465