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Silic Plus

High concentrated protective silicone lubricant

Highly concentrated allpurpose silicone lubricant. Antiadhesive, detaching, water repellent, polishing. It maintains its performance unaltered at high and low temperatures. Odorless, colorless, nongreasy and nonstaining.

Suitable for plastic and rubber molding, doors and windows, industrial assembly, office machinery and appliances maintenance, plumbing, systems engineering nautical, processing of leather and fabrics, food industries, bricolage and do it yourself, maintenance in general.


  • Antiadhesive, antistatic, water repellent
  • Lubricates, polishes and protects
  • High concentration of active ingredient
  • Does not stain and leaves no residues
Code Packaging EAN
1002 400 Aerosol 400 ml 8056736860021