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Dry solvent cleaner for electronics

A dry cleaning solvent specifically designed to deoxidize, clean and restore connections in any kind of electrical, electronic and electromechanical apparatus. It cleans in depth, it dissolves dirt, residues, greases, waxes, adhesives, dust, oxidations. It evaporates quickly leaving the parts dry and without any residue.

Suitable for electrical and electronic organs, electric motors, generators, electrical panels, relays, switches, terminal blocks, connectors, keyboards, joysticks, sensors, telephone systems, alarm systems, testers, laboratory instruments, etc.


  • Reactivates the electrical contacts
  • Thoroughly cleans and degreases
  • Evaporates quickly
  • Leaves no residue
Code Packaging EAN
1024 400 Aerosol 400 ml 8056736860434
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