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Universal gel paint remover free of chlorinates

Ready to use paint remover, free from chlorinated solvents, which acts in depth on all substrates. It quickly removes all types of paint layers, even the oldest and most resistant ones. Suitable for wood, iron and nonferrous metals, concrete walls and surfaces. It does not drip and is ideal for vertical surfaces. Formulated with highly biodegradable substances.

Effective on synthetic paints, even multilayer, oil paints, nitrocellulose paints, acrylics, polyesters, polyurethanes, epoxies, epoxytar sheaths, cold and baked enamels, waterbased paints and wall plastics, putties, adhesives for carpets and parquet.


  • Free from chlorinated solvents, not classified as harmful
  • Gel formula, practical on vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Eliminates all types of paints, impregnating and primers
Code Packaging EAN
1103 004 Latta/Tin can 4 L 8056736862353
1103 750 Latta/Tin can 750 ml 8056736862995