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Via Libera Bio Liquido

Bacterial enzymatic treatment for drains and septic tanks

Ready to use bacterial enzymatic treatment, based on bacterial strains and natural enzymes, which degrades organic substances, it keeps pipes free and clean and it dissolves deposits in the septic tanks. It prevents blockages and stagnation and it fights bad smells. If used regularly, it optimizes the functioning of the systems and it reduces maintenance services.

Suitable for all types of drainage of washbasins, showers, toilets, septic tanks, chemical toilets, cesspools, wells. Pleasantly scented.


  • Neutralizes and prevents bad odors
  • Degrades encrustations and organic deposits
  • Prevents blockages
  • Probiotic, GMO free
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3039 001 Flacone/Bottle 1 L 8056736863626
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