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Welder Eco Spray

No-flammble anti-spatter for welding

Anti-spatter for welding. Based on an innovative water based formula, with a non-flammable propellent, it doesn’t contain solvents and it is completely odorless. Excellent detaching, anti-spatter, waterproof and antistatic. It prevents residues and spatters sticking to the work pieces and on working surfaces. It allows clean and homogeneous welding. It does not contain silicone and once applied the surfaces can be varnished, galvanized and chromed.

It can be applied to all surface area and working parts. It is applied to the torches and nozzles of manual or automatic welding machines maintining the equipment clean and efficient.


  • Ecological formula, solvent free and VOC free
  • Odorless for work places
  • Safer for professionals and environment
  • Silicone free
Code Packaging EAN
1141 400 Aerosol 400 ml 8056736863176