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Zinc Pro liquido

Galvanizing zinc

Highly resistant protective covering containing 98% pure micronized zinc. It gives a high protection from salt and atmospheric agents, it prevents rust and oxidation. Clear and bright on surfaces it dries quickly. Resistant at high temperatures. Overpaintable.

Ideal for the treatment or retouching of surfaces and products which have been zinc coated by electronic procedures or by galvanic immersion (hotdip galvanizing). Recommended for carpentry, surface or ferrous artifacts. Suitable to cover and protect welding.


  • High resistance
  • Maximum protection against corrosion
  • Clear and bright
  • Fast drying
Code Packaging EAN
1035 001 Latta/Tin can 1 L 8056736860267
1035 005 Latta/Tin can 5 L 8056736860274