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Pulifuga, the solution by CAMP for cleaning of grout lines and cracks.

Pulifuga, the solution by CAMP for cleaning of grout lines and cracks.

If you have a tile floor or a mosaic covering you know it: cleaning grout lines is often a difficult challenge.

In fact, over time, grout lines becomes black, they could have traces of mould and becoming a fertile ground for germs and bacterium.
in the kitchen, the continuous footsteps and dust; in the toilet steam and humidity; in the terraces, rain and smog. These are the main causes of the blackening of the grout lines of floors and coverings.

Cleaning surfaces with common detergent is not sufficient! How to clean grout lines then?

Usually we speak about natural remedies such as bicarbonate, vinegar and…a lot of handicraft!

Camp Surface Care suggests Pulifuga, a concentrated and specific cleaner for grout lines and cracks.

With a extraordinary rapidity and efficacy , Pulifuga brings grout lines and cracks back  to their original cleaning, removing blackening, encrustations and residues of limestone.

Pulifuga  is ideal for all the concrete grout lines of floors and coverings in ceramic, Thin porcelain gres, clinker, cotto tile and all the materials resistant to acids.


When  the grout lines are back to their original cleaning, Camp Surface Care suggests FugaPro, the oil- water –repellent protective and anti-stain treatment  that protects grout lines over time, eases cleaning and  prevents stains and blackening.