Reopening and restart: how to  sanitize areas with Camp




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How could you respect safety measures in order to protect everyone’s health?

September is the right month for opening again the business activities. This is the reason why Camp has decided to explain the main difference among cleaning and sanitizing. We want to help you restarting all the activities in tranquility and complete safety.

Sanitizing and disinfection: which is the main difference?

In order to avoid confusion among sanitization and disinfection also risking to adopt insufficient or wrong measures, it is good to start by the definitions used by the World Health Organization.

If sanitizing detergents are used, the removal of dirt and dust  from the surfaces with a cleaning action has a sanitizing effect.

When we use a disinfectant,  that is a medical-surgical product that is formulated to drastically reduce the presence of bacteria, fungi and viruses, then we are disinfecting.

Sanitization, usually made by specialized companies,  is a set of operations which make the areas healthy and which include the control and improvement of the environmental conditions.

How often should we clean the work places?

Now that we have clarified the difference among the many types of cleaning, we could talk about its frequency.

We start by saying that each business activities have special needs which could need an higher frequency. 

In general for the reopening it is suggested a disinfection togheter with a sanification of the areas.

For the disinfection of the table tops we suggest the use of the  Multisurface Sanitizer by Camp. For sanitizing curtains and textile coverings we suggest to use Via germ sanitizing spray specific for fabrics.

Once opened, the commercial activity must be cleaned every day.

We can distinguish between daily cleaning and periodic cleaning.

For example on a bar counter or a cash register, it is appropriate to do a daily cleaning of the surfaces and machines with a direct contact with clients.

In case of an high turnout, it is perferable to clean several times a day.

The ideal product for these kinds of operations is a 70% alcohol based sanitizing spray as Via germ multisurface sanitizing spray, with a fast absorption, which leaves no rings nor odours.

For the a surfaces with less contact with clients, but which need to be cleaned such as glasses, shops, doors (handles excluded), it is suggested to do a periodic cleaning.

It is important to underline that the World Health Organization invites all business activities to do the sanification and disinfection if there will be confirmed cases of Covid 19 in the commercial activity.

Gyms, beauty salons and hairdressers: how to behave?

Gyms, beauty salons and hairdressers are commercial activities in which is really difficult to keep a safety distance between people and to do a deep cleaning of the areas, becuase of a continuous presence of clients. 

The Viagerm product line offers rapidity, simplicity and cleaning in order to satisfy the need of praticality of the owners. The spray formula allows customers of the gyms to clean and to sanitize the equipments at any uses.

For all the business activities  it is suggested also to put at the entrance, at 2/3 meters away from each other, some dispenser of  70% hydro-alcoholic sanitizing hand gel, such as   Viagerm hand gel by Camp. The gel ensures a deep cleaning without leaving bad smells and the typical sticky feeling of many hand gel products.

Don’t forget the hand soap for toilets and an information plaque with instructions for an accurate cleaning of the hands.

Viagerm: a solution for any needs

The Viagerm product line,composed of detergents, sanitizers and disinfectants, meet every cleaning needs, thanks to its packaging and its ease of use. Now all you have to do is take care of your commercial activity and your clients.


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