Rust? Remove it with Rust Block®!

Camp Professional presents its complete line of rust converter and primer.




Rust Block CAMP


Humidity, water or pollution and immediately rust appears. On the car body, on gardening tools, on gates, on railings…everywhere!

But what’s rust? Is there a way for preventing it? is it possible to remove it?

Rust is a “ dark reddish incoherent substance that usually is present on the surfaces of the iron objects and materials exposed to the moist air in contact with water, which corrodes them.”

Rust  could cause economic damages and risk the safety of structures and iron artifacts. For this reason is fundamental  a prompt action in order to avoid its expansion and the consequent corrosion of the entire object.

CAMP Professional has the solution: the complete line of rust converter and primer.


Choose the best suited to your needs!

Rust Block® Convertiruggine fosfatante rapid, disossidanting, polisher for materials and can be over painted

Rust Block® Convertiruggine fosfatante gel ideal for vertical and ceiling application.

Rust Block® Convertiruggine e primer  ecologic, water based, over paintable even after few weeks and solvent free.

Rust Block® Convertiruggine e primer spray  pratic, ready to use and easy to use. It dries quickly.

Rust Block® Passivante  for the protection of concrete reinforcement rods. it i s a perfect bonding promoter for restoration grouts. re-alkalizing action and anti-carbonating.  Available in the new aerosol packaging.

Discover more on rust converter on our guide “Rust, causes, consequences and remedies”




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