RUST BLOCK® Rust converter and primer liquid: the water based rust converter by Camp® Professional


The  Rust Block® range of products was born in  Camp’s labs with the clear aim of offering the best anti- corrosive solutions for the restoration and preservation of the surfaces and artifacts with rust.

Nowadays, Camp is pleased to present  Rust Block® rust converter and primer liquid,  the first eco-friendly rust converter with any dangers for the end user and the environment.

The ever increasing attention towards the themes concerning the environment safety, has oriented the study and the research towards a non dangerous , high quality and extra low toxicity product.  So the new water based, solvent free and classified as not dangerous Rust Block®  was born.

It is an innovative rust converter and primer, which chemically reacts with rust converting it in a complex metal-organic, dark, stable and compact complex. It leaves an homogeneous and over paintable protective film.

The product offers an high resistance to the atmospheric agents and an excellent impermeability to the humidity. Moreover, the treated support can be over painted even after a long time.

Rust Block ® rust converter and primer liquid is ideal for restoring the surfaces both horizontal and vertical.

The product is available in 300 ml and 750 ml packaging.



Discover the complete Rust Block®range:


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