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Sanitizing detergent and disinfectant. Let’s clear this out.

Sanitizing detergent and disinfectant. Let’s clear this out.

During the emergency of Corona virus, the health alert made empty the shelves of products for the hygiene of hands and surfaces in the house. People are desperately looking for gel or spray against efficient the virus.

It is important, to keep calm and at the same time to deepen the knowledge of the product. It is necessary to distinguish among sanitizing products and disinfectant, even if they seem to express the same idea they do not.

The disinfectants

The disinfectants consist of a wide group of substances which have the aim of destroying, eliminating, diminishing or preventing the action of bacteria, viruses, spores and, in some cases, algae or other microorganisms. These are products that have the Medical Surgical Unit (MSU) and are easily recognizable by a cross screen printing on the packaging. Or authorized by the Biocidal Products Regulation BPR UE 528/2012.

Through the disinfection, the 99% of bacteria can be eliminated.

This is not a complete protection from virus and bacteria, which can be obtained through sterilization.

The sterilization is not a daily activity and it can be made only by professionals, as surgeons, who need to use instruments and operate in completely germ-free environments.

In order to be efficient, the disinfection needs that the surface must be clean, so it is necessary to clean carefully before it.

The disinfection must be applied only if necessary. Many times it is sufficient a  careful cleaning and sanitation.

The sanitizing detergent

The sanitizing detergent are specific not only for cleaning and removing dirt, but also for doing a sanitizing action on surfaces.

They are specific for a deep hygiene of places and surfaces exposed to the risk of bacteria and phatogen.

For the hands: Camp Viagerm Mani

In order to ensure the hygiene of the hand, especially during this period, it is sufficient paying attention on a normal cleaning.

As recommended by the Government, it is sufficient to often washing the hands using a specific soap. According to this, Viagerm Hand soap, is not only a detergent, but thanks to its formulation enriched with Triclosan, makes also a sanitizing action.

If it is not possible to wash the hands with water, it is suggested by the authorities to use an alcohol based gel for hands. The new product by Camp Viagerm hand gel, with more than 65% of alcohol, ensures in few seconds a deep hygiene and it is safe on skin, giving a feeling of immediate well-being. It is not oily and it removes bad smells.

For the surfaces: Camp Viagerm multi-surface

For a correct sanification of the surfaces the World Health Organization, gives precise indications.

1. First step: clean the surface using a detergent

Before remove with a detergent the dirt from the surfaces.

2. Second step: sanitize the surfaces

After the elimination of dirt, it is suggested to use a sanitising product, especially if there is a high risk of germs and bacteria proliferation such as handles, doors, windows, tables and worktops.

These 2 actions can be made using Viagerm Multisurface.

The product cleanses and sanitizes the surfaces, thanks to the combined action of Benzalkonium Chloride, Isopropyl alcohol and bio-derivative surfactants.

3.Third step: disinfect with a product certified as “surgical medical device”.

After using Viagerm on the surfaces, where disinfection is required, the use of a disinfectant product is recommended, which can drastically reduce the presence of bacteria, fungi, and / or viruses (99.9%). Disinfectant products are those which, following an authorization procedure at national level, have the wording “Medical surgical device” or, at European level, are regulated by the BPR UE 528/2012.