Sblock Eco®: the first eco-friendly unblocker in gel formula!


The main aim for CAMP is the formulation of new products which will satisfy the needs of the users and which will ensures the eco sustainability.

With this same spirit, the innovative Sblock Eco is born: multipurpose lubricant in gel formula, with a 100% synthetic, studied for lubricating and unblocking the blocked parts in all the maintenance operation in the industrial, handcrafted and domestic field. Its formulation is eco-friendly with a reduced environmental impact.

The product dissolves rust, encrustations and dirt, and thanks to its gel formula, it grasps to the metallic parts without trickling.

Sblock Eco is odorless and it not aggressive. It does not stain on materials.

The product is available in cans 200 ml and 400 ml.



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