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Summer is coming: some advices about how to prepare terraces and balconies!

Summer is coming: some advices about how to prepare terraces and balconies!

The terrace, just like the verandas, is an outdoor room where spend your own free time with the arrival of the sunny season. After some months of being unused, it is essential to do some cleaning in order to make the terrace a cozy place to enjoy with family and friends.

Before proceeding to the terrace’s decoration with furniture and plants, you might begin  with the cleaning of the floor removing dirt and the stubborn stains which have been absorbed during winter such as smog, dust, oily substances, etc.

Under such conditions, it is no longer sufficient to use a common cleaner but a stronger and extraordinary cleaning is needed.  CAMP suggests the concentrated strong detergent ALCADET which carries out an effective degreasing action in depth that definitively eliminates any stain, above all on highly porous surfaces. ALCADET is effective on floors and coverings made of cotto, clinker, porcelain stoneware, ceramic, non-polished agglomerates and stones, linoleum, PVC, cement.


If, during the cleaning, there are some traces of rust left by a vase, railings or by some ferrous objects in contact with the surface, RUST X is the descaling rust remover  cleaner which completely removes oxidation, rust or sulfate stains, deeply and quickly acting without changing the material’s natural color. To verify the compatibility of RUST X with the floor it is recommended to consult the product’s datasheet.


However, being in the open air, you may need to solve a major problem, the one of mould, mosses, algae and lichens which deteriorate facades, low walls, pavements, paths, statues, stairs, natural stones’ items, cotto, clinker, cement and all those north facing surfaces, exposed to rain and atmospheric agents. RIMUOVI MUFFA is the active sanitizing cleaner which removes blackening and stains of mould, mosses, etc. Thanks to its practical spray bottle it is easy to use and can be applied just on the area to be treated or on the entire surface.


To complete the restoration action, protect the materials over time and prevent the phenomena reappearance, CAMP recommends to carry out a combined application cycle with MUFFA CONTROL Risanante and HYDRO PRO Eco. Learn more about it here: https://campitalia.it/en/italiano-il-ripristino-di-superfici-esterne-con-problemi-di-muffe-funghi-alghe-e-licheni/


Lastly, as last recommandation to obtain a completely renovated appearance of the terrace, we suggest you to use RINNOVA PIETRA a descaling gel cleaner specific for cleaning and restoring stone artefacts. Instantly restores the stone’s original appearance eliminating limescale, saline efflorescence, saltpeter and blackening caused by pollution. Its gel formula makes if particularly effective on all vertical surfaces (wall caps, roof tiles, stone furniture, etc.).

CAMP offers the most suitable solution for every need. For more products information, visit the section CAMP Surface Care or send us a message through info@campitalia.it .

You can find the CAMP Surface Care products in hardware stores, paint and construction’s materials shops.