The restoration of the facade: how to do that with Camp




The facades of buildings are continuously exposed to the atmospheric agents such as wind, rain and humidity, which determine their progressive deterioration.

Also pollution contributes to the deterioration of the materials and the changing of their aspect.

Let’s have a look at the main problems and how to solve them by using CAMP’s products.

  1. The restoration of facades affected by mould, lichens and musk

Due to the constant action of the atmospheric agents, facades could have an unavoidable process of alteration. Mould, lichens and musk appear very often on surfaces and materials which are more porous or on facades which have northern exposure.

The solution by CAMP

  • Rimuovi Muffa for the removal of stains and blackenings
  • Muffa Control Risanante for preventing the reapearrance of the phenomenon and enhancing the anti mould action
  • Hydro Pro for a protection over time from water and humidity of the facades

  1. The restoration of the facades with salt efflorescences

The damp and aqueous part in the brickwork of the buildings tend to evaporate over time and to bring to the surface the water-soluble salts that cause efflorescences.

The solution by CAMP

  • DopoPosa for the cleaning and removal of the efflorescences from stones and materials resistant to acids
  • Hydro Pro AS for the protection over time of the materials from the presence of efflorescences
  1. Cleaning of the degraded facades from smog and pollution

The atmospheric pollution affects materials contributing at the process of degradation. Usually on the facades could appear stains and blackenings caused by smog.

The solution by CAMP

  • Alcadet for the cleaning and removal of blackenings and smog
  • Hydro Pro to protect over time natural stones and absorbent materials
  1. Waterproofing of terraces and balconies

The aspect of a facade is very often damaged by inflitration of water from balconies and terraces. An appropriate maintanance allows to prevent the detachment of materials and structural damages.

The solution by CAMP

  • Proter is an high penetrating water repellent, developed with Nanotech technology which conoslidates and protects the surfaces of terraces, balconies, facades and floors. The product saturates the macroporosity of the support and it prevents the infiltration of water.

  1. The consolidation of the facades made of plaster and crumbling materials

Crumbling and damaged materials on the facades are very common problems. Especially plasters, tile bricks, porous and crumbling stones such as tuff and natural stones. This type of materials over time and with the exposure to the atmospheric agents are subject to a crumbling and degradation process. Water and humidity activate phenomenon of change and materials could produce flour which is a clear sign of deterioration.

The solution by CAMP

  • Compatto Eco is a protective consolidating product which does not change the aspect of the facade and preserves the transpirability of the materials

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