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Viagerm: sanitizing products for rooms, hands, surfaces and fabrics

Viagerm: sanitizing products for rooms, hands, surfaces and fabrics

If the keyword, not only for the past few months, but also for the next future is safety against germs and bacteria, the solution is to have specific products which ensure  clean and sanitized places.

For this reason Camp has enriched its range of sanitizing products, including also in its range specific formula for hands, rooms, surfaces and fabrics.


We have already talked about the two sanitizing for hands and surfaces of the houses and work places in the following article (click here) and we have also talked about hygiene of air conditioning units of buildings and cars.

In this article we want to show you the complete range of Via germ products by Camp, ideal for removing germs and bacteria from houses and work places. This is a range of products specific for any use, ideal for a private use, companies, business and professional activities.

Viagerm: the sanitizing range of products for hands and detergents by Camp

Camp has realized a range of detergents and hand sanitizer to be used not only in domestic places but also in companies and business activities, with a special attention on business activities and on all the places open to public.

Viagerm hand sanitizing soap

Ideal for companies and business activities, restaurants, hotels, food industries and offices. Enriched with Triclosan, with antibacterial properties, it is suitable for HACCP and it has a soft formula which does not affect the physiological PH of the skin.

Viagerm multisurface sanitizing detergent

An ideal product for the daily cleaning of all the surfaces at home, in the kitchen, in the bathrooms and in every room. It does not need rinse and it does not leave aggressive chemical residuals. It is compatible with any materials and it is formulated with surfactants of vegetal origin.

Viagerm 70% hydroalcoholic sanitizing hand gel

A sanitizing gel ideal for everybody for having a deep and safe hygiene. It deterges and sanitizes in few seconds giving an immediate well-being feeling. Viagerm hand sanitizer does not need water, non-greasy, it quickly dries and removes bad smells.

Viagerm multisurface sanitizing spray with alcohol 70%

Ideal for domestic places, work places, interiors of the cars, plants and sport equipment and any surfaces or objects exposed to a frequent contact. Viagerm sanitizing spray has a 70% alcohol based formula with a safe detergent and sanitizing effect. It rapidly evaporates without leaving residuals and it releases a pleasant fragrance.

Viagerm multisurface concentrated sanitizer

Sanitizing concentrated detergent, specific for a deep cleaning of any hard surface. Ideal for sanitizing rooms and both indoor and outdoor surfaces. It is sodium hypochlorite based, with a high sanitizing power and high dilution of use. It can be used in bottles with a spray trigger in order to sanitize object and surfaces or by using shoulder sprayer pumps for sanitizing large places.

Viagerm sanitizing spray for fabrics

The range of Viagerm sanitizing products by Camp has a new product in its range, Viagerm sanitizing spray for fabrics. It is a specific product, ideal for cleaning chairs, armchairs, sofas, cushions, curtains, car interiors, seats, rugs, mattresses and all synthetic and natural fabrics. It has an alcohol based formula, with a safe detergent and sanitizing effect. It rapidly evaporates without leaving residuals, stains. It eliminates germs and bacteria from any surfaces with fabrics difficult to be washed.

This product ,as all all the products Viagerm by Camp, ensures hygiene of the surfaces of our everyday life and where usually can be germs, bacteria, acarus and mould. Thanks to its nebulization, the products acts in only one step, without leaving stains.

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