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How to sanitize all the surfaces around you with the help of Via germ product line by Camp

It’s time for good habits. While we fight the virus, we learn to live together at best. We have thought to the most important uses of the sanitizer at home and in the office.

Our range of sanitizing products, ViaGerm, has been studied in many packagings and types, in order to accompany you all day and in any occasions.

Sanitizing for surfaces and fabrics for your home.

Let’s start from home. The first action to do, every time we enter in the house is “washing the hands” carefully and removing the clothes and shoes used outside.

At home, there are also furniture and fabrics which attract dust and bacteria. It is strongly suggested a classic cleaning, dustbuster, 2 or 3 times a week.  Two are the most rapid solutions of the ViaGerm product line: the alchool based sanitizer, one multisurface and one for fabric, and the sanitizer based on active chloride.

These three products allows you  to rapidly sanitize all the surfaces without leaving stains or rings. These products are alchool based, just like the other Viagerm products.

These products allow you, before and after the passage of your guests, to sanitize the common environments.

You can also sanitize bookbags, smocks, coats and hats when  kids are back from school with ViaGerm Sanitinzing Spray for fabrics.

Commercial and leisure activities: sanitizing ViaGerm

If your need is about your office or doctor’s office, the re-opening of your restaurant, gyms and bar, ViaGerm product line has many allies to ensure the hygiene for you and your clients.

To sanitize desk, tables, handles and everything that is usually touched, ViaGerm multisurface Actichlor is the best solution. Its formula, with active chloride, is efficient against virus and bacteria thanks to its detergent and sanitizing action.

There is no need to worry if there are fabric-covered sofas or chairs: the sanitizing spray for fabrics ViaGerm ensures a sanitizing and detergent effect in few seconds, so it can be frequently used.

Washing hands is an act of public safety

Let’s not forget that “washing hands” is the act that can most safeguard us. Our advice is to do it often during the day, even when you don’t feel the need.

From the protocol released by the Ministry of Health, the indication is a cleaning that lasts from 40 to 60 seconds with warm water and detergent soap. ViaGerm line includes sanitizing soap, enriched with Triclosan which gives it antibacterial properties, without loosing its delicate formulation.

If you have no way of doing this with soap and water, use a sanitizer such as ViaGerm hand gel. It is available both in pocket format, to always carry in your purse or pocket, and in the tank format for your commercial activities.


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