A multi purpose foam detergent ideal for all surfaces. Effectively removes stains, grease, dust, prints, smoke and insect stains. There is no need to rinse and it dries naturally without leaving streaks or rings. It restores the surfaces natural shine offering an antistatic power to the treated parts. It is non abrasive, does not scratch and leaves a pleasant fragrance.

It is recommended for daily cleaning of glass, windows, door and window frames , mirrors, doors, synthetic (lacquered or metallic) surfaces, Plexiglas, furniture etc. Excellent for the cleaning of motor vehicles: windscreens, dashboards, leather or fabric seating, mats, lights and car bumpers.


  • Practical and easy to use
  • Cleans deeply and with no need to rinse
  • Does not leave rings
  • Pleasantly fragranced
3007 400Aerosol 400 ml12 Aerosols8056736861851

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