A concentrated decarbonising degreasing agent formulated for the cleaning and maintenance of fireplaces, chimneys, pellet stoves, wood stoves etc. It rapidly dissolves animal and vegetable grease, it eliminates carbon black and carbon residues leaving the treated surface perfectly clean and without residues.

Ideal to rapidly remove carbon residues and tar residues from the fireplaces’ pipe and monobloc to improve the furnace’s performance. Effective for the removal of carbon black from the ceramic glass. Excellent for cleaning barbecues, grills, soapstone, griddles, electric and gas ovens etc. It can be used in the professional field in the activities subject to HACCP system.


  • Eliminates carbon residues and carbon black
  • Improves the fireplace’s performance
  • Dissolves the most stubborn dirt
  • Leaves surfaces clean and bright
3011 750Bottle 750 ml spray12 Bottles8056736861899

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