For a safe and efficient use of the air conditioners it is essential to periodically carry out a cleaning and sanitizing treatment of the units. The CAMP® Professional treatment is divided in two steps: the first one with ClimaSan Detergente for the removal of the grease residues, deposits of dirt and dust; the second one with ClimaSan Igienizzante to ensures a complete sanitizing of the unit for a long time.

ClimaSan Igienizzante is a specially formulated, alcohol based sanitizer. It is highly antibacterial, germicidal and deodorising, ideal for the long lasting sanitizing of air conditioning plants and air itself. It neutralizes the organic and inorganic deposits, naturally eliminates the bad odours caused by the presence of fungi and bacteria that tend to form inside the unit, leaving a fresh and pleasant fragrance.

Recommended for the cleaning of domestic and industrial air conditioning systems. This safe and practical product is ideal for cleaning motor vehicle air conditioning units. It can be used safely and effectively to sanitize and deodorise all spaces.


  • Practical and easy to use
  • For house and car use
  • Eliminates and prevents bad odours
  • Fragranced
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