For a safe and efficient use of the air conditioners it is essential to periodically carry out a cleaning and sanitizing treatment of the units. The CAMP® Professional treatment is divided in two steps: the first one with ClimaSan Detergente for the removal of the grease residues, deposits of dirt and dust; the second one with ClimaSan Igienizzante to ensures a complete sanitizing of the unit for a long time.

ClimaSan Detergente is a detergent specific for the cleaning treatment of the air conditioning systems. It acts quickly against the most stubborn dirt, incrustations and deposits that tend to form both inside and outside the unit (directly exposed to dust and contaminating particles).

The regular use of ClimaSan Detergente allows to optimize the heat exchanger and installations yield, increase the life and the efficiency of the elements, reduce the energy consumption and the maintenance costs.

Specific for the cleaning of finned heat exchanger units and filters of all split air conditioning units, fan convectors and coils. It is recommended for cleaning external units, all the components and plastic and metallic surfaces. Ideal for the cleaning of boilers and heaters during periodic maintenance.


  • Deeply cleans filters and components
  • Eliminates bad odours caused by fungi and impurities
  • Improves the systems performance
  • Instantly active
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