Innovative anticorosion system rust converter and primer organic-chelant based with protective polymers . it has a very low degree of toxicity. it chemically reacts with rust transforming it in a complex organic metal, that is dark stable and solid. it offers a high resistance to the attacks of the atmospheric agents and it has an excellent impermeability to humidity. Polymers in emulsion ensures an homogeneous protective film that could be varnished with the acrylic stains, water based varnish and polyurethane coatings.

Applications. It is suitable for restoration of rusty ferrous artifacts as railings, gate, car body, girders, tanks, metal sheets, pipes and all rusty metal surfaces.


  • Very low degree of toxicity, reduced content of VOC
  • Over paintable also a certain time
  • Practical, ready to use and easy to use
  • Over paintable
1140 300Bottle 300 ml12 Bottles8056736863145
1140 750 Bottle 750 ml 12 Bottles 8056736863152

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