A professional ready to use liquid formulated to treat all partly or fully rusted surfaces. Rustop converts rust into an inert protective passivated metallic iron, which -in turn- becomes an anchoring primer for varnish or enamels. After the treatment, the surfaces are ready for the varnishing or for other protective coatings.

Suitable for protecting every steel and alloys materials (iron, wrought-iron, cast-iron, zinc, aluminium). It can be used even on plastic surfaces.


  • Restores rusted surfaces
  • Guarantees a high yield
  • Fast acting
  • Suitable for re-coating
1036 300Bottle 300 ml12 Bottle8056736860335
1036 750 Bottle 750 ml 12 Bottles 8056736860342
1036 005 Tanica 5 lt 4 Jerry can 8056736862025

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