Innovative professional anticorrosion system, rust converter and primer, of latest generation, specific for the treatment of rusted surfaces. RUSTOP Spray transforms the rust layers into an inert and stable  complex organic metal, blocking the oxidative process ant creating a compact and resistant anchoring primer of brown color, ideal for the successive painting phases.


Rustop Spray can be applied for the restoration, the maintenance and the conservation of iron structures and iron or steel surfaces, both in the industrial and in the DIY fields. It is suitable in each sector of maintenance, sailing, restoration, automotive, wood-working, shipbuilding, building, agriculture, earth-moving sector.



  • Practical, ready to use, easy to apply
  • Blocks rust definitively in a few minutes
  • Overpaintable with every type of varnish
1018 150Aerosol 150 ml12 pz8056736860311
1018 400Aerosol 400ml12 pz8056736860328

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