A long lasting colourless water-based highly penetrative waterproofer. It has anti-dust and dirt-proof properties , ideal for the protection of natural stones. Its nano silane emulsions formula proves to be excellent for the treatment of mineral frames and highly porous surfaces.

Specific for porous stone, pietra leccese (typical apulian stone), carparo, tuff, limestone, volcanic rocks, travertine, cement, porous concrete, absorbent stone materials, plaster and mineral paints. Ideal to revive and preserve facades, stoneware and ancient tuff in historical buildings.


  • Deeply protects surfaces
  • Eco-friendly formula, VOC free
  • Protects against saltpetre, mould, algae and dirt
2008 001Bottle 1 lt12 Bottles8056736861332
2008 005 Jerry can 5 lt 4 Jerry cans 8056736861349
2008 025 Jerry can 25 lt 1 Jerry can 8056736861356

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