Ultrafine resins based isolating primer, specific for the brickwork, plasters, cement, plasterboard, plaster cast, fibre-cement pretreatment. It creates an isolating barrier against soot, smoke and nicotine that are formed by heating sources, firewood or cigarettes smoke, preventing the surfacing. It perfectly isolates and neutralizes water, humidity and condensation stains. It reinforces and stabilizes the wall surfaces improving the adhesion of paints and other finishing.

Suitable for every wall bearings, for indoor and outdoor use. Recommended for plasters, concrete, clays, fibre-cement, plasterboard, lime skim coating, concrete or cement plasters, organic binder based paints (quartz), silicate, siloxane and limes.


  • Odourless formula, solvent free
  • Isolating barrier against soot, smoke and nicotine
  • Reinforces and stabilizes wall surfaces
  • Enhances paints adhesion
2039 001Bottle 1 lt12 Bottles8056736862391
2039 005 Jerry can 5 lt 4 Jerry cans 8056736862407

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